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A new play by Bella Poynton 

Directed by Jeffrey Coyle


New breakthroughs in artificial intelligence seem to be in the news every couple of
months, and the range of skills it can achieve is frankly staggering. And it’s only just
begun… THE A.I. AT DELPHI presents us with a unique look at what would happen if
the most powerful, state of the art, strategic A.I. our civilization has ever known
becomes something more, and rather than plot to murder us all or destroy the
planet, chooses instead to offer herself up to help humanity. Could she be accepted?
Would she learn what love feels like? Should there be limits imposed on a limitless
life form? Would her offer to help humanity actually doom it to eventual failure? And
could she be trusted to recognize, learn, and grow from mankind’s greatest
teachers— our own error?

Starring: Melinda Capeles, Lisa Ludwig, Jon May, and Tony Grande

Directed by: Jeffrey Coyle
Produced by: Kaylie Horowitz and Andrew J. Brown

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