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By Adam Hahn

The play is set in an unnamed country sometime in the near future, a country perpetually at war. But new technology has been developed to insulate soldiers from the horrible reality of their actions, However, nothing is perfect!

by Samantha Macher

East coast premiere of Samantha Macher's play that the NOHO Arts District called;  "compelling, stark, and bitterly funny."

It's also a story about humanity, like all good science fiction is. RESET takes a hard look at what it means to be human in a not-too-distant future where machines can have feelings and dreams, just like us.


Our Mission Statement

First Look Buffalo Theatre Company’s mission is to develop and produce new plays, through a series of readings, workshops, and main stage productions intended for our local community who love and support live theatre. Working with playwrights from around the country, along with a local ensemble of actors, directors, and designers, will keep the creative pipeline full of new plays and fuel the beautiful art form of live theatre for years to come. 


Press quotes 

“We loved it. Can’t stop talking about it.” -Peter Hall (Theatre Talk)


“…but two things that make RESET so compelling to me are that it’s set in “a foreign country with a big desert” making it a very timely play whether you relate it to Afghanistan or Iraq or any other “sandbox.”  And because all the coverage of those conflicts has evoked our sympathy for our troops in those situations, these robots become sympathetic characters.”


“But the play that I can’t stop talking about is the second one of the Sci-fi double feature (after a short intermission) and that’s OVERLAY directed by Drew McCabe.” “I think that anyone who has put on a pair of VR goggles will relate to this play.  I highly recommend it. “ 

- Peter Hall (Buffalo Rising)


Buffalo rising review


Channel 7 news interview

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