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Thank You For a Great Season!

On behalf of everyone at First Look Buffalo Theatre Company, and our founders Bob Rusch and John Patrick Patti, I want to thank you all for your fantastic support this season! Our three main productions, FUTURE WARS, LET'S PLAY HOUSE, and FURSONA NON GRATA had great reviews and our audience size grew throughout the year. Our ensemble actors were amazing, as were our producers, directors and everyone in our crew. Thank you all for your passion and great work. Also, let's not forget our wonderful playwrights that allow us to do only "premiers" for our Western NY audience. In addition to our three main productions, we also did nine free readings of plays, from which we will choose our plays for next season, so stay tuned! We have some great plays to choose from and we are looking for an even more successful 2023-2024 season!

Michael Audet


First Look Buffalo Theatre Company

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